Summoning a New Queer Reality

Chances at Pride ’07 encouraged paradegoers to “summon a new queer reality” by following the example of revolutionary queers from the past and present. Chances dancers passed out masks of 27 different queers and allies that have all, in some way, made the world a brighter, safer, and more interesting place. The float decorations and costumes had a witch theme and incorporated the symbol of the phoenix, reinforcing the idea of looking to the past (and rejecting the present state of affairs) to conjure revolutionary and progressive ideas for the future.

Link to masks (downloadable for free): SUMMONING A NEW QUEER REALITY


The Chances float crew would like to thank Lela, Erin, Donna, Jessica, Billey, Brad, Sarah, Luke, Pete, Thor, Aimee, Elaine, Dominic, Helen, Mel, Davey, Suzannah, Ira, Marian, Katy, Becca, Jenny, LB, Dan, Rita and Ilana for making it all possible. And of course, a shout out to the women of W.I.T.C.H. for the inspiration.