Join Chances this Halloween as we take over the Legendary Bijou Theater in Old Town for a night of nasty not soon to be forgotten.

    Chances Dances Presents... Snakepit: Medusa's Pussy Palace

    10.31.14 @ The Bijou Theater (1349 N. Wells)


    $20 Presale - $25 at the Door

    *Refreshments are included in the price of the ticket.

    Tickets can be purchased here.

  • Chances at the Hideout is postponed until October 11th!

    Our lovely friends at The Hideout have closed shop to briefly, literally get their house in order: repairs, cleaning, organizing and the like. We will not be having Chances at the Hideout tonight. But we will be back next week to dance and be freaky with you all. Join us next Saturday October 11th. C U THR & THN!!!!

  • Summer 2014 Critical Fierceness Grantees

    Summer 2014 Critical Fierceness Grantees



    HONEY POT PERFORMANCE is the recipient of the Mark Aguhar Memorial Grant for $1000. The grant will be used towards Juke Cry Hand Clapa critical performance and public humanities project investigating the cultural heritage, aesthetics, and material culture of Chicago house music and dance. This multi-phase collaborative project focuses on House music culture as a conceptual ground to explore social practices developed in Black Chicago during the 20th century. The world premiere of JCHC will be presented by High Concept Labs at MANA Contemporary October 3-5 and October 10-12 2014. Following the premiere of the performance in October, Honey Pot Performance will complete several artistic interventions that uplift communities of color, youth, women and queer identified subjects based on the performance work: a community-driven house history and culture website, two publication projects (symposium proceedings and creative process artist book), and a workshop curriculum to be shared with communities. 

    AMANDA GUTIERREZ & DANIEL LUEDTKE each received a Critical Fierceness Grant for $500. 

    Amanda will be using the grant to fund workshop materials and final prints for the exhibition of Pilsen Dérives, a generative and collaborative project which aims to activate a critical review of the historical and urban development of the neighborhood through walk journeys, oral histories, and digital mapping.

    Daniel will be filming an experimental short video about an aging character actor (played by Jail Flanagan) who is losing her sight. This piece addresses the question of how we perform our senses.  How do limitations of the body, ability and illness affect how color, movement and sound are portrayed in words and artwork? 


    Chances Dances and the Summer 2014 Critical Fierceness Board

    Rita Bacon, Davey Ball, Allison Dunn Burque, Precious Davis, Bryce Dwyer, Jacquelyn Carmen Guerrero, Justin Mitchell, Jeanine O'Toole, Aay Preston-Myint, Oli Rodriguez, Erik Roldan, Amina Ross, Ethan White, Latham Zearfoss


    September, 2015 will mark the 10-year Anniversary of Chances Dances, and in honor of the occasion, we are producing a 10-year retrospective that will showcase the work from 6 years of Critical Fierceness grant recipients and 10 years of ephemera and music by Chances organizers. As supporters of Chances Dances, safe spaces, queer artists, and art in Chicago, your support is indispensable in making this season-long endeavor of community-engaging art, film, performance, and archiving of Chances’ herstory to become a reality. We bring a decade of cultural work with us, have secured two venues at the forefront of Chicago’s art world (Gallery 400 and the Jane Addams Hull House Museum), and are working on additional gallery space as well as venues for screening and performances. The rest will be up to you.

    If we reach our 10,000 goal, your tax-deductible donations will help fund:

    - honoraria for curators and speakers

    - reprinting and archiving of ephemera

    - paying guest DJ, performer, and screening fees,

    - publishing an exhibition catalogue

    - operational costs of producing a show such as preparation, shipping, printing, lighting, sound, and documentation

    - and of course, materials for artists to realize new work through project-based stipends and the continued sustainability of the Critical Fierceness and Mark Aguhar Memorial grants.

    Thank you for your support!


    Congratulations to Winter 2014 Critical Fierceness Grantees NIC KAY, MARGARET BOBO-DANCY, and WITCH HAZEL! 

    Nic Kay is the recipient of the $1000 Mark Aguhar Memorial Grant. Nic will use the funds in the creation of a long-form performance entitled Lil Black _____ Gone Wild. According to Nic, LB_GW is "heavily influenced by ballroom culture, live punk performance, butoh and praise dance. The show begins with the commentators failed attempt to organize an open to all Vogue ball with no judges and trophies." Nic Kay's proposal stood out for its critical exploration of the tensions between belonging and difference, competition and collectivity, and tradition and innovation within queer, POC and activist communities. Congratulations Nic!

    Margaret Bobo-Dancy and WITCH HAZEL both received $500 Critical Fierceness Grants.

    Margaret will be creating sculptural works inspired by St. Theresa's so-called "transverberation." Margaret's practice explores the liminal space between the sensual and the spiritual and engages in erotic material explorations. Margaret's seductive work speaks to the public and private nature of feminine sexuality and the potential to queer the borders between mind/body/soul. Congratulations Margaret!

    WITCH HAZEL is a performance group that consists of Ariel Young, Darren Barrere & Casey Hartley. They are currently working on an evening-length, performative triptych called Love Drug. The varied segments will oscillate between a conventional exploration "of queer family, drug abuse, and cissexism" and "an abstract spectacle on the young queer experience" that "seeks to blur the distinction between theatrical performance and reality." WITCH HAZEL's fun and challenging proposal recasts children's play and pop iconography as contemporary myth. Congratulations WITCH HAZEL!

    Chances Dances and the Winter 2014 Critical Fierceness Board

    Rita Bacon, Davey Ball, Allison Burque, Bryce Dwyer, Jacquelyn Carmen Guerrero, Kiam Marcelo Junio, Justin Mitchell, Jeanine O'Toole, Aay Preston-Myint, Oli Rodriguez, Erik Roldan, Amina Ross, Latham Zearfoss

  • Moments From First Fridays at the MCA: Summoning a New Queer Reality

    If you missed our extravaganza at the Museum of Contemporary Art earleir this month, in which we curated the new and revamped version of the MCA's First Fridays programming, well, that's very sad. BUT we have this tour of some of the beautiful moments of art, dance, and community as Chances DJs, Chicago's finest queer artists, and most lovely partygoers took over the halls of the museum to SUMMON A NEW QUEER REALITY. 

    Footage shot by Derek Quint (Addovolt Productions, Chicago)


    Join us this Friday, as the MCA invites the varied LGBTIQ communities of Chicago to a night of dancing, performance, and radical potential co-curated by Chances Dances for the MCA First Friday's Program. We are beyond excited and proud to present the work of our community, our partygoers, and our Critical Fierceness Grant awardees as we take over the museum! Come out come out!

    Chances Dances presents First Fridays
    at The Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago
    220 E Chicago Ave.
    Friday, December 6 from 6-10pm

    Ticket info here.