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  • It's heeeere.....

    It's heeeere.....

    At long last, our new full color catalogue of the Platforms retrospective has arrived!

    Platforms: Ten Years of Chances Dances features work from the citywide retrospective of the same name commemorating ten years of art and work by Chances organizers, community members, and Critical Fierceness grantees and finalists. The Platforms catalogue features full color documentation of all eight Platforms exhibitions, the three-month schedule of performances and parties, and ephemera from Chances' ten-year herstory.

    Contributing writers Kemi Adeyemi, Claire Arctander, Gordon Hall, Megan Milks, Matt Morris, John Neff & Lorelei Stewart, Roy Perez, Sharmyn Cruz Rivera, Micah Salkind, and Anna Martine Whitehead offer critical and creative responses to the work in the exhibitions and to Chances as an entity/experience.

    Edited by Aay Preston-Myint and designed by Bojan Radojcic. Photography by Robert Chase Heishman, Emily Henson, and Karmen Wettlin.

    Purchase Platforms: Ten Years of Chances Dances at Quimby's bookstore in Chicago, or online here:

    Platforms Catalogue from Chances Dances (c/o Links Hall)