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  • Congratulations to Po' Chop, Daviel Shy, Anna Martine Whitehead, Nicole Garneau, and caliXta: the 2015 Winter Cycle Critical Fierceness Grantees!

    We are thrilled to announce the Winter 2015 Critical Fierceness Grant & Mark Aguhar Memorial Grant winners! Check it out and keep an eye out for some magical stuff from this incredible lineup of makers and shakers!

    Po' Chop [Mark Aguhar Memorial Grant]

    Focusing on the upbringing of African American children and the conversations that occur between parent and child surrounding the topics of self-identity and racism, Po' Chop's untitled project aims to capture the complexities, challenges, and concerns that encompass raising a black child in America. Through a series of multimedia documented interviews, parents will be asked questions geared towards gaining a better understanding of the reality of raising a black child.  Upon completion, these interviews will serve as the backbone of a multimedia docudrama performance. [Photo credit: VAM]

    Daviel Shy [Critical Fierceness Grant]

    Daviel Shy's The Ladies Almanack is a feature film based on the 1928 novel by Djuna Barnes. Re-told through the theoretical framework of 1970’s French feminism, the film folds together the lives of the characters with the lives of the cast; which includes philosopher Hélène Cixous, poet Eileen Myles, and cult lesbian film star Guinevere Turner and other brilliant artists, poets and revolutionaries of our day.

    Anna Martine Whitehead [Critical Fierceness Grant]

    Memory Loser, choreographed by Anna Martine Whitehead and made in collaboration with Danny Giles and Kashif Powell, is a movement exploration through time and space to those dimensions so unperceivable to us that we only know to call them "darkness." The piece uses ritual, sport, hunger, and confusion to dance in and out of black life and death--finally asking: "Can you feel it?"

    Memory Loser makes its Chicago debut this year, and is included in the forthcoming Meanings and Makings of Queer Dance anthology, produced by Clare Croft and forthcoming from Oxford University Press.

    Nicole Garneau [Critical Fierceness Grant]

    Chances Dances’ Critical Fierceness grant supports Nicole Garneau’s publication of high quality images in the forthcoming book, UPRISING: Public Demonstrations of Revolutionary Practices. The book is the story of how thousands of volunteers in 8 U.S. and 5 international locations worked together to manifest the loving and visionary community we need for revolutionary times.

    caliXta / Isabel Buchanan-Arellano [Critical Fierceness Grant]

    From caliXta: "My project will be a mixed media visual installation, incorporating handmade art and projected visuals on multiple screens, that will explore some of my vision of what world peace might look like. My idea came about because I find that the concept of "world peace" has become very tired, yet is something I find that many crave or dream of in many ways. Thanks to the Critical Fierceness grant, I will be able to make a visual installation that translates some of my own vision(s) into tangible visuals, and transport and inspire people to see their dreams of a peaceful world."

    Its a true honor to be able to support these talented folks! Thanks to the Chances community for making it happen.

    With love,

    Team Chances (Aay, Jackie, Justin, Latham & Rita) & the Winter 2015 Critical Fierceness Board (Ally, Bryce, Erik, Ethan & Oli)