The Critical Fierceness & Mark Aguhar Memorial Grants

Since its founding in 2005, Chances Dances has sought to create a safe space for all gender expressions by bringing together the varied LGBTIQ communities of Chicago. The creation of the Critical Fierceness grant expanded upon this goal by offering a unique platform, funding queer thinking and expression through art made by individuals or groups who identify themselves or their work as queer. The Critical Fierceness Grant supported the development and realization of queer artwork through project-based financial assistance of up to $500, funded by donations, bar proceeds, and admission to our Saturday night parties and special events. 




In 2012, Chances Dances expanded the Critical Fierceness Grant to include the Mark Aguhar Memorial Grant, a specific fund for artwork by feminine spectrum (such as woman-identified and trans-feminine) queer artists of color. The Mark Aguhar Memorial Grant supported grantees through project-based financial assistance of up to $1000. Chances Dances is proud to have provided both these opportunities for personal exploration, developing community, and radical change.




Below is a short video we made about Chances and The Critical Fierceness Grant, called Chances Dances: A Blueprint. The video had a dual premiere at our 5 year anniversary party and as an art object at the DeVos Art Museum as part of the group show, A Unicorn Basking in the Light of Three Glowing Suns curated by Philip von Zweck and Anthony Elms.



To learn a little bit more about the history and mission of the Critical Fierceness Grant, check out this »slideshow« from a presentation by Chances organizer Latham Zearfoss, presented on the “New Shared Enterprises” panel for the Grantmakers in the Arts Support for Individual Artists Pre-Conference in October, 2010.