Borderless Musical Imaginaries Mixtape: House, Chances and Recuperating Queer Genealogies

Micah Salkind and Latham Zearfoss collaborated on an experimental lecture for the Extinct Entities Festival at Links Hall in January of 2014. Micah is a historian of house music and Latham is a founding organizer of Chances. The two created an audiovisual mixtape that volleyed between Micah's research on House music in Chicago and Latham's first-person account of Chances.

The lecture had three components: an audio mixtape of songs that invoke the (queer) spirit of both House and Chances that was live-mixed for the presentation; a video backdrop backdrop comprised of exterior shots of buildings which were once activated as house party spaces, and later, those which currently host Chances events every month; and a text-based conversation that oscillates between Salkind and Zearfoss.

The image above comes from the video. The audio and text components are below.

Borderless Musical Imaginaries Mixtape [Text] | Borderless Musical Imaginaries Mixtape [Audio]